Bromazepam HF 6 mg (20 pcs)


20 pieces per blister
Generic Name: Bromazepam
Manufacturer: Hemofarm
Common brands: Lexostad, Lexotanil
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Generic Name: Bromazepam
Manufacturer: Hemofarm

Common brands: Lexostad, Lexotanil

Bromazepam HF 6mg is a primarily antianxiety and sedative drug of the benzodiazepine class. Although active substances of this class are characterized by good efficacy, they can quickly lead to dependence, which is why they should be used for a limited period of time.

How bromazepam works:

Bromazepam, in therapeutic doses, has primarily antianxiety (anxiolytic) and sedative (tranquilizing) properties. The effect is triggered by binding to a binding site (receptor) important for nerve cells, the so-called GABA receptor (gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor).
The nerve cells of the human brain communicate by means of messenger substances (neurotransmitters) that are emitted by one nerve cell and perceived by the next nerve cell via specific receptors. This creates very complex circuits, since one nerve cell is sometimes in contact with thousands of others and there are also different neurotransmitters. Some excite the following nerve cell and thereby transmit a signal, others inhibit such signal transmission (inhibitory neurotransmitters). Adrenaline, for example, activates the nervous system and promotes performance, whereas GABA has a depressant effect.

Benzodiazepines such as bromazepam act on the receptors for GABA and cause the receptor to respond more sensitively to the neurotransmitter. Thus, lower GABA levels lead to faster attenuation, or constant GABA levels cause greater attenuation of the nervous system.

What are the side effects of bromazepam?

Very often (in more than one in ten patients treated), side effects may include low mood, memory loss, fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, headache, impaired concentration, decreased responsiveness, faintness, and hyperactive effects. One in one hundred to one in one thousand patients will experience side effects such as increased appetite, increase or decrease in
sexual desire, dizziness, movement coordination disorders, nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth, inadequate breathing (respiratory depression), muscle weakness, and hypotension.

Furthermore, there is a risk of occurrence of “paradoxical” reactions after taking bromazepam. The patient shows agitated and aggressive behavior, irritability, restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, and sleep disturbances after taking the drug.


20 pcs / 1 blister


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