Flormidal 15 mg (Midazolam)


10 pieces per blister
Generic Name: Midazolam
Manufacturer: Galenika
Common brands: Midazolam, Dormicum
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Generic Name: Midazolam
Manufacturer: Galenika

Common brands: Midazolam, Dormicum

The active ingredient Midazolam 15 mg ( Flormidal) is one of the most important agents for sedation before operations or for problems falling asleep. Because of its short effect, it is generally considered to be well tolerated, but in rare cases it can lead to reduced responsiveness. Children and pregnant women should take medications containing midazolam only after consulting with a physician.
The human nervous system has various messenger substances (neurotransmitters) that can have an activating or inhibiting effect. Normally, they are present in a balanced equilibrium and ensure an appropriate response to external circumstances such as rest, stress or anxiety. One of these neurotransmitters, GABA (gammaaminobutyric acid), has an inhibitory effect on the nervous system as soon as it binds to its docking sites (receptors). Midazolam enhances the effect of this substance, resulting in muscle relaxation (relaxation) and strong sedation (sedation).

Absorption, breakdown and excretion of midazolam:

After oral administration (absorption by mouth), the active substance is rapidly and completely absorbed from the intestine into the blood. After distribution in the body, it is broken down in the liver. The breakdown products are then excreted by the kidneys.

Side effects:

Very rarely, i.e. in less than 0.1 percent of those treated, midazolam causes side effects such as prolonged fatigue, gastrointestinal complaints and allergies.


10 pcs / 1 blister


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